Are you up for the challenge to love the people around you well?


In Matthew 22, Jesus is asked “What is the greatest commandment?” Jesus responds with a simple, yet profound challenge: we are to love God fully and love our neighbor as ourselves. This implies that God comes first in all things. I am to love God with all that I have and all that I am. But love of God is necessarily lived out by healthy love of self and genuine love of neighbor. As followers of Jesus, we want to be people that are known for the way that we love others. We want Getwell Church to be known as the church that is in the community, that cares about the community, and is actively working to bless the community. This must start with families and individuals. Each of us must do our part to worship God and love the people around us.


Here is the struggle—with each passing year it seems harder to really get to know the people around me. I must wrestle with the question, “Do I really know my neighbor?” It is hard for me to genuinely and tangibly love the neighbor that I don’t even know. With that in mind, Getwell has issued the “Love Your Neighbor” Challenge as we finish the last three + months of 2021. This is a call for the Getwell family to focus on, get creative, and put into practice ways to build relationships and love your neighbor. We also want you to be very intentional in prayer that God will use this time to create opportunities and prepare hearts to receive the good news about salvation through Jesus Christ.


We would love for you to participate in this challenge individually, but also through our Small Groups,

so be sure to sign up for a Small Group!



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  • Pay for the person's coffee/food in line behind you in the drive thru.
  • Leave a few minutes early so you can slow down and notice other drivers around you and be a blessing. Actively look for drivers trying to get into traffic and let them in if you can do so safely. 
  • Let your kids (or yourself!) make cards for a neighbor who needs to know they are thought about.
  • Greet and smile at people as you pass them on the sidewalk, in the park, in a store... simply raising your eyes, putting down your phone and noticing the people around you can go a long way!
  • If you know someone who can't physically attend worship (at Getwell or another church), send them a note or call them to say hello, have a conversation with them or just be a listening ear.
  • Pick/buy flowers and take them to a neighbor you haven't met yet, or to someone you know that is facing difficult circumstances.
  • Leave cold water or a small treat for your mail carrier, sanitation worker or package delivery person with a scripture card or note.
  • As you walk into a store, grab a wayward shopping cart and take it in with you. And make sure to return your own cart to the cart corral before you leave... that one goes without saying!
  • Mow someone's grass or weed their flowerbed (just ask first).
  • Take care of a neighbor's trash cans, pets or mail while they're out of town.
  • Bake cookies or treats and share them with a neighbor - you can even drop it at their door with a note with your name and address if they aren't home.
  • Walk through your neighborhood or sit on your front porch and pray for your neighbors (by name if you know them!)
  • When out and about, pay attention to your cashier - make eye contact and thank them by name if they have a nametag (ask if you don't know how to pronounce it!), compliment them or thank them. You never know what someone is dealing with personally, and kindness can mean so much.
  • When at a restaurant, appreciate good service by adding a note to the receipt and/or tipping extra - how much would you bless that server and make their day if you dropped a 25% or more tip?
  • Remember your restaurant server's name and use it when talking to them. Ask them what they need prayer for and pray for them by name when you bless your meal. This is a great way to show your kids (and other nearby tables) how to show gratitude to those who are working so hard right now.