CURRENT JOB OPENING: Nursery & Kids Ministry Coordinator (Hernando)

Job Description – Nursery & Kids Ministry Coordinator (Hernando)

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Each staff member is expected to carry out the mission & vision of Getwell Church as set forth by the Lead Pastor with the support of the Leadership of the Church. Staff members are expected to contribute to a sense of unity, cooperation, participation & shared objectives. Additionally, staff members are expected to model the highest Christian values in both their personal & professional lives. Our focused approach will be that of servant leadership. The primary goal of Getwell Church is to bring people to a vital, growing relationship with Christ as we help them encounter God’s glory, pursue Jesus with others, and engage with the Holy Spirit in God’s mission for the church and the world.

The Nursery & Kids Ministry Director Hernando is a permanent full-time, 30 hours position that reports directly to the Campus Pastor - Hernando. The purpose of the Nursery & Kids Ministry Director Hernando is to provide relevant and age-appropriate learning and connection opportunities for kids, birth to 5th grade, that partner with parents to lay a spiritual foundation in the lives of children.


Primary Responsibilities include:

·        Keeping the vision of Nursery and Kids Ministry in line with that of Getwell Church Hernando and Getwell Church as a whole.

·        Recruiting and training new Servant Leaders for the Nursery and Kids Ministry.

·        Scheduling Servant Leaders for check-in, Nursery, Small Group Leaders for Pre-K and Kids, and last-minute fill-ins.

·        Preparing the Toddler and Kid Small Group lessons

o  Editing and sending out the appropriate lessons.

o  Preparing the activity baskets and/or supplies needed for weekly lessons.

·        Oversees room decorations that support the mission of Getwell Ministries.

·        Providing parent cues for each month’s lessons.

·        Overseeing and Coordinating Vacation Bible School every year.

·        Ministering to the families of Getwell Church Hernando.

Other duties and responsibilities as assigned.