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As Christians, we put our trust and faith in the Lord, which also includes doctrines—or beliefs—about who God is and what He is like. The word “doctrine” may sound like an abstract, academic left to be debated and discussed by pastors or professors in seminaries, but our daily lives as followers of Christ are full of beliefs and doctrines that shape the way we view the world and exist in it. Our beliefs always precede and determine our actions, so understanding core doctrines of our faith helps us in our study of the Word and in our pursuit of Jesus. 



March 31/EASTER – Jesus is King and He is Returning! 

Scripture: John 13:31-14:4; John 16:16-23; 1 Corinthians 15:51-55; Revelation 19:11-21 

 When Christ steps out of the tomb on Resurrection Sunday, He establishes Himself as King over all of the earth including death. As He ascends to the right hand of the Father, the world awaits His return. At the return of King Jesus, all nations, peoples, and powers will bow before His power. Our hope is in the fundamental and important truth that Christ is King and He is coming again.  


April 7 – Our God is Three in One: Why the Trinity Matters 

Scripture: John 3:1-18; John 14:15-31 

 The Trinity distinguishes and elevates our God from and above all others, but more importantly our salvation highlights the trinitarian nature of God. Thus, the Trinity is at the heart of the Gospel—He saves us by sending His Son and Spirit. John 3:16 famously tells us that in His love the Father gives us His only, eternally begotten Son so that we may receive eternal life. The Son of God becomes a Son of Man, so that we may become sons and daughters of God (John 3:11-16). The Father and Son then send their Spirit to dwell in us so we can experience this new life as children of God (John 3:5-8; John 14:15-31). 


April 14 – Truly God, and Truly Human: What We Believe about Jesus and Man 

Scripture: John 1:1-14; Philippians 2:5-11 

 Jesus is the only begotten Son of the Father. He was not made or created, but He is one with the Father. Jesus was the incarnation of God on earth. He is fully human and fully divine—neither His humanity nor His divinity is compromised or diminished. 


April 21 – Who We Are: What We Believe about Sin 

Scripture: Genesis 3:6; Romans 3:9-20; Romans 6:23 

 All human life extends from the first life that God created. The first humans rebelled against God and submitted the human race to the power of sin. All persons are born into inherited sin. Though sin has been pardoned and put to death through Jesus, it still corrupts us and the natural world. We are still broken and prone towards selfishness and rebellion against God. We all fall short of God’s holy standard, and all persons are in complete need of God’s forgiveness and grace. 


April 28 – Not By Our Own Strength: What We Believe about Grace 

Scripture: Romans 6:12-21; Ephesians 2:1-10 

 God deals with us not on the basis of our merit or worthiness but based out of His love and goodness. God’s grace enables us to trust and believe in Jesus Christ for salvation. We can do nothing to earn this grace. The grace of God frees us from the power of sin and enables us to follow Jesus. Grace is forgiveness, but it is also God’s blessing and transformation in our lives. 


 May 5 – Treated as Righteous: What We Believe about Justification by Faith  

Scripture: Romans 5:1-11; Galatians 2:16 

 Salvation comes through faith in Jesus Christ alone. The work of Jesus is the only work that is able to both forgive us of our sinful actions and free us from the power of sin in us. When we believe this truth and trust in Jesus to save us, we are justified—or, treated as righteous—and made right with God based on Jesus’ holiness and sacrifice. There is no other way to be saved outside of faith in Jesus Christ. 


May 12 – We are Undeserving and It is Unearned: What We Believe about Atonement 

Scripture: Leviticus 16; Hebrews 9:11-27 

 Atonement is the work that is done for us by Jesus Christ. Through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, we are given the gift of right relationship with God. Christ suffered the punishment for our sin, cleansing us and freeing us from the power of sin. When we receive this gift through grace, we are made one with God. 


May 19 – The Infallible Word of God: What We Believe about Scripture 

Scripture: 2 Peter 1:19-21; 2 Timothy 3:16-17; Hebrews 4:12 

 The Bible is God’s Word, given to us to offer us truth, to guide us in life, and to lead us toward salvation. The Bible is completely accurate and without fault. It is written by man and inspired by the Holy Spirit. It contains all things necessary for us to understand and receive the gift of salvation from God by faith in Jesus Christ.